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Utah Bankruptcy Attorney – Ryan E. Simpson

If you cannot pay your bills or meet living expenses because of high unsecured debt, to get the info you need for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Let the Law Office of Ryan E. Simpson help you get a fresh start.

My law office has helped hundreds of individuals and small business owners in San Diego County. In California get your bankruptcy started today.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in West Jordan, Utah

Under Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, also called consumer bankruptcy, most unsecured debts (credit cards, charge cards, medical bills, cable bill) are discharged completely. Bankruptcy filings stop creditor’s harassment. Not having the unsecured debts after the discharge will free you to pay your mortgage, student loans, and secured debts, and this will help you rebuild your credit rating. If you qualify for Chapter 7, you may be able to keep your home, car, and most possessions.

The Eligibility requirement for Personal Bankruptcy

Qualify for BankruptcyTo qualify for Chapter 7, your income from all sources, for the six months prior to filing must fall below the median California income. I will help evaluate your income and see if you meet the income test then what you need to do to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. NOTE: New credit card charges or cash advances after the first time you seek bankruptcy advice cannot be discharged, but in most cases, the entire prior balances can be eliminated.

The Law Office of Ryan E. Simpson can counsel you on taking the federal vs. state bankruptcy exemptions for personal property and expenses. I will advise you on what exemption is best for you so that the bankruptcy laws work for you as much as possible. Learn more at http://bnkut.com

Over the past few years, bankruptcy filings in the United States have increased nearly thirty percent.  Unfortunately, with the events of the downturn in the economy, there are more filings for relief every day.  Despite changes to bankruptcy laws, bankruptcy still remains a useful tool for preserving assets while eliminating bad debts.

Our Bankruptcy clients understand that just like trusts or other estate planning tools, bankruptcy is a legal right that is available to help you.  Bankruptcy may be the most powerful way to protect your family’s financial health and to STOP CREDITORS harassing you and your family.  Too many lives and especially marriages are hurt due to unresolved financial matters.

The Law Office of Ryan E. Simpson wants to help you and your family eliminate overwhelming financial stress and enable you to get the fresh start you need in order to flourish and to enjoy life again. Depending on your situation, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing may bring the relief you have been seeking.

Get your Bankruptcy Consultation today

Under the federal law before starting, you are required to sign release forms before the process can start on your personal bankruptcy case. However, I do not charge for an initial consultation. If you don’t qualify for Chapter 7, it does not mean that bankruptcy can not work for you. Chapter 13 can also give you great results.

The information you provide which should include all of your assets, debts, expenditures and exemptions will be examined in order to determine the best approach to put you in the best legal and financial position after bankruptcy. Our goals will be to get you out of debt and get a fresh financial start. Learn about how to deal with personal bankruptcy in Utah.

Contact Ryan E. Simpson today to discuss Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We promptly return all inquiries (phone or e-mail), I am here to help you now. Let my office help you to get that fresh start today.

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