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Learn Hypnotherapy at AHWI

Hypnotherapy is a fascinating subject and I have spent hours reading about it. I’ve had gotten a basic understating of how it works but I still didn’t know about what was involved, and I had no idea how or where I could even begin to about learn hypnosis.

I didn’t want to learn stage hypnosis (although I do like this type of entertainment) or how to hypnotize someone without them knowing about it. I wanted to understand the true benefits that hypnosis can bring to people and not the entertainment side of it.

I looked into seeing if I could learn hypnosis online but couldn’t find any resources that I could do so at the pace I wanted too and with focus on the areas I wanted to cover. As I work full time and have a small family to take care of so time is precious so I must admit, the quick fixes looked attractive to me. I soon found out, however, that to learn and understand all about it wasn’t as easy as I thought but my passion for hypnosis grew and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it.

Learning Hypnotherapy

When I began I thought that “hypnosis would be really easy to learn” and after watching lots of YouTube videos and reading the odd book I soon discovered that it’s a lot more involved, and takes a lot more than the quick fixes that these things tell you about.

As I said before, I wanted to use the techniques I would learn to help others and not just for the entertainment of it. I wanted to hypnotize people to help with things like weight loss hypnotherapy and learning how to help people to stop smoking. This is where it became really difficult.

You see to stop habits such as overeating and smoking, you have to “re-program” how the person mind works, breaking their habits and changing the way they think (see Understand Hypnotism). This is the area I was most interested in because of the real-life benefits I could offer people.

I wanted to find a professional team to help me find out more about what hypnotism is and how it works in order to understand it and then support me every step of the way. I didn’t want to spend lots of money and lots of time away from home on the hundreds of courses I found online.

I didn’t find many of the internet forums and hypnosis blogs of much use either. Then I came across all the teach yourself hypnosis free type products. None of these provided the support or professional approach I wanted. I also couldn’t get the results I was looking for from the how to learn hypnotism books and hypnotherapy courses.

Where Did I Learn Hypnotherapy and More Importantly, Where Can You?

After lots of searching, I discovered the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute. It’s an audio course taking you through each stage of how to learn the art of hypnosis. I found that because I had the resources there, in the comfort of my own home and I could study and develop at my own pace. Not only did I see myself mastering hypnosis itself but found out a lot of information about it as well.

It wasn’t always easy and took a bit of time but the guys at AHWI offered lots of support and encouragement to help me along the way. I am not the smartest guy in the world but the way the course was presented and the support has helped me achieve my goals and learn hypnosis, as well as provide a detailed understanding of how and why it works. I am not there yet, but I feel myself gaining in confidence.

Why Not Try Hypnosis Training Yourself?

If ever you wanted to learn more about hypnosis, find out how it works or unlock the power and confidence that hypnosis can give you and others then you should give AHWI a try. I found it to be one of the best resources out there if your serious about learning about hypnosis and hypnotism.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to learn from the guys at Raw Hypnosis. It worked great for me and I have never looked back so I would say to you guys If you want to study hypnosis then go for it!!

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