Why Women Get Bored With You

Troubled woman
Troubled woman

The follwing is a link to the newest article on blackdragon’s blog, which I think is so good that it merits a topic in this section: http://www.blackdragonblog.com/2015/05/25/confessions-of-a-serial-monogamist/

At the start he links to his earlier article which I suggest you read first, and then read this one as it is a sort of continuation of the first one, as well as read the comments (of the new one).

It’s fucking gold.

It shows the mindset of woman who is, admittedly, on the extreme end of the sample scale, but which is exactly why her answers in the article are so illuminating, as to how women in relationships perceive the men they are with and the changes that they go through, as the relationship progresses.

I think it is important to internalize the lessons from this article (and again, read the comments, too). Being aware of this female process, and learning how to manage it (or rather, help the women in your life manage it), can make your life much easier and happier, and remove many relationship frustrations for all sides.

I think that the problem is that the relationship becomes safe – I’m pretty sure that if a girl like that meets someone like Julien, she will go insane trying to go monogamous and tame him.

Add to it all the drama he creates in her life, and she’ll just get hooked for life. If you think about it, Julien’s style makes him basically the destroyer of woman.

I agree that this woman probably hasn’t been in a relationship with someone who has Game, but that’s kinda the point. This article very clearly illustrates what do you need to use your game for in order to keep a woman attracted as the relationship progresses.

“Safe” is defiantly one way to look at it.

There is nothing wrong with monogamy, throughout history it has worked, and has brought up generations of stability and forward progressing society.

It’s when the family model breaks down that things become more fucked up for the world.

Learn pickup to have your fun and sleep with women (while being honest about it, you both just want fun, no strings attached), or learn it to become a better man and get the woman you want. But once you cross that line into marriage or children, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

I have no respect for people who have children or get married, but still want to live their life as a player or have affairs. Or don’t want to be involved with the children at all. That goes for men and women.

Too many feminist bitches who think the world revolves around them, and too many deadbeat men who thinks it revolves around a life of partying and sex.

Children who grow up when one or the other parent isn’t there (because one of them can’t be assed), or when the parents are together, but one of them doesn’t care about trying to keep a happy family, marriage, or relationships as they continue to break it down by pursing their own selfish endeavors, do end up fucking up their children to some degree. Sure there’s always the weak man or woman who slip into temptation, which can be worked out and forgiven, but I’m talking about the man or woman who has no intention of trying to make it work, but wants both lives.


I may have gone on a bit of a tangent.

But the whole point is, it’s not about why women get bored, and that’s why a man can’t keep her. Or a man get’s bored, and that why a woman can’t keep him. It’s about, how a selfish person thinks the world revolves around them and their feelings.

You can be the perfect husband. Romantic, wealthy, good looking, muscular, famous, alpha, and do every trick in the book perfectly that a woman should love. Yet you could date/marry a woman who eventually get’s “bored” of you and starts sleeping around.

Or you could marry a women who is so beautiful, understanding, loving, caring, and perfect. And you still want to sleep around with a fugly babysitter or maid.

It all comes down to selfishness.

If you weren’t selfish, even if you were “bored” or “unhappy” in a relationship, you’d still try and make it work for the other persons feelings. You’d think ok our marriage is rocky at the moment, even though I’m tempted to cheat on my wife, I don’t want to because if she ever found out, she’d be devastated.

If you weren’t selfish and never wanted children, but ending having some by mistake anyway, you’d stick around and try and give that child the best upbringing ever so they would feel loved and have a happier life.

So in this example she was a serial monogamist. Well she’s just a selfish person in my view. She isn’t really a monogamist in my eyes. She goes from man to man with zero time in-between. She’s already planning that as soon as she get’s bored, she’ll move on, no intention of creating a lasting relationship. I feel sorry for the man who end’s up marrying her or having her children, because she’ll divorce soon after, and screw those kids life up.

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