My Green Smoothies Diet

A sound diet can help you combat herpes. But a great way to do that is just to incorporate green smoothies into your diet. And when I say green smoothie, I am talking about green, leafy vegetables blended with ripe fruit in a blender. Often when I say this, somebody in the audience says, but vegetables and fruit don’t combine well.┬áRight, that’s, that’s what we’re taught.

It’s true. Vegetables and fruit don’t combine well. But green, leafy vegetables aren’t fruit. In fact, if we were to classify all the fruits and, if we were to really look at the classifications of all fruits and vegetables.

We would find that there isn’t really such thing as a vegetable. For example, you know, what is a vegetable? A cucumber, a tomato? No, we know that that’s fruit.

We know that avocado’s fruit. Um, all green, leafy vegetables are closer to blossoms. So they’re more flowers.

Uh, so then the only thing that’s a vegetable kinda, is root vegetables, like carrots and beets.

And, if you blend a turnip and, and an apple, that’s not very good food combining at all. You’re gonna start feeling a little bit of gas or some discomfort in your stomach. But green, leafy vegetables and fruit are a perfect combination. They balance each other out. And do a lot of miracle for your body. Give you fiber, chlorophyll, lots of protein. That’s probably the biggest question. And the most frequently asked question. How do you get your protein?

And so they were, they were essentially starting to eat healthier. But they weren’t even trying.

Because it’s easier to add to your diet than take away, right? Right. Ps–, and psychologically, you’re thinking oh yeah. Exactly.

And it’s pretty crazy to think that all my life, or, you know, all of somebody’s life, they’re eating what society tells them to eat. Food from the pyramid. Pizzas and, and pastas. And then one day to cut all of that out. If nothing else. That’s a shock.

Plus, you, there are moments where I sort of freaked out because I was like, well where do I go from here? I, do I just eat celery sticks and apples?

All my life? Like, that seems kind of boring. Right. And the green smoothies and the, just the very gradual transition really ensures that you’re gentle on your system. Because our body does everything slowly. It, it never just, you know, eliminate now and you, it presses a button and all of a sudden, all your toxins are gone.

Um, there’s definitely exercise aspect, which I think is very important. My mom was never taught by her family, when she was raised, that exercise was important.

And so she kind of developed this distaste for fitness. Right.

And that’s starting to change now. I, she goes on long walks every morning, and she’s really inspired to, in, you know, to really get accustomed to that. Uh, that’s a big part of it. Um, her and my dad also travel a lot. And so they sit in the car a lot.

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