Pheromones, Love, and Sex

Another word for love is acceptance, so when you see it that way you see that people look for others to love them before they feel they can love and accept themselves, so when that person’s gone they’re back to disliking themselves and it snowballs from there. When you use pheromones, feelings of love are increased by the opposite sex and you will feel seduced and aroused. You’ll have to work on being a self-contained person rather than blame a disorder for any problems. It’s because you’re doing things wrong, but now you see that, you can go about doing them right. With the right pheromones you will experience an increase in social conversation from women and even colleaguges at work.

When you really decide to go for it and fully love and accept yourself, all those symptoms will go, and in their place you’ll have a list of positive qualities and feelings. Love is THE most important thing in my life. Every problem is from not loving and every solution is from loving more.

Maybe the yearning for pheromones is natural? It compels us to pair bond and reproduce with another person. If everyone is looking for love then its reasonable to say that needing love is just another human trait…

Pheromone Communication

If you do it right true companionship and pheromone communication comes after sex (pun intended). You’ll see that after sex you’ll feel as though you’ve dominated her enough to talk more openly about shit. That’s if your healthy enough and not scared to lose her.

The smart ones dont use sex as a gauge for love…If you think sex would dominate her… think about how easy other guys can dominate her just by having sex after you. Smart couples use pheromone to amplify their natural chemistry and attraction towards each other.

Love does not depend on sex in a relationships’ Making Love’ Does depend on Love with her & having sex dosen’t depend on Love at all but on you!

Pheromones are important for behavioral communication and increasing attraction from the opposite sex.

I think the process that happens is that men can fall in love but then if the woman repeatedly refuses to fuck him (and she doesn’t do a good job at reframing it), he feels that his needs aren’t getting met, and unless he’s a masochist, he’ll get cognitive dissonance and the brain will sabotage the love and find ways to conflict it.

Increase Arousal

Think about that dude that posted here that said he had been dating a girl for 3 years and hadn’t fucked her ’cause she’s a virgin. That’s a chick that is dynamite with reframing. But see now he has brought himself out of the daze state and he is forcing himself to withdraw his feelings because he feels he’s not being treated fairly. Because he failed to use pheromone colognes he was unable to keep her seduced and attracted towards him.

Everybody, I think we lack a definition of “pheromone love”, and we use “love” to describe a hodgepodge of different emotions. To start with, I’m fairly sure many of you use it to describe all of limerance (the falling-in-love feeling lasting a few months), classic partner love (the kind of love that goes on for the first couple of years of a relationship), long term fondness with sex/friendship (the kind of love commonly seen in marriages) and “mature passionate love” (a less common form of long-term love in couples, described in the psychological literature).

Apart from these, we have the normal bonding between parent and child, and between friends. And we have a ton of dominance/habit/attraction issues mixing into the behaviour.


Until we distinguish between all of these, it is hard to say much that make sense about pheromones. Effectively, we muddle up pheromone attraction into one fuzzy concept, and to understand what somebody says we have to guess at the frame.

Thus, I think we probably lose little by avoiding the talk of ” pheromone love” – while at least I live in a relationship where we clearly love each other, I find little to say of generic value.

In relation to the original question: “Just wondering if people here have a higher need then sex?” I say yes: that the girl have nice breasts, does anal, dresses sexy for me in a wide variety of ways so my eyes don’t fixate so frantically on other eye candy walking down the street, does not act catty, realizes that I’m an artist and I am *required* to be fascinated by Ferraris and the beauty of young girls, and that she be proud of me and strokes my ego instead of plays little battles of the sexes.

Notice how most pheromone usage reports just label the girl as HBMexican8.5 and finally “the rest was history,” but that there is rarely any mention of establishing a relationship, even just a casual one? Maybe successful PUAs are love handicapped? Yet 90% of FastSed forum members are just “looking for a girlfriend.” That’s pair bonding, so that’s love. There’s a poignant scene in the movie ‘Magnolia’ (which featured a “Worship the Cock” seminar), in which a gay man whose teeth had been broken cried that he had so much love in him, and yet could not find outlet for it.

Attraction in Women

78% of first marriages break up, mostly initiated by the women, mostly because of a lack of pheromone attraction. Is that love at work? What higher need do those women have?

I think a man is much more likely to “fall in love” with a waitress than a women is to “fall in love” with a waiter, because evolution *had* to instill love chemicals (pheromones) in men more so than in women, or why else would we spend half our lives raising kids instead of being pickup artists. Oops. That *is* what we do.

What Pheromones Do

A pheromone can act directly on the recipient’s central nervous system and my result in an immediate behavioural response; in such circumstances it is said to have a ‘releaser’ effect. Or, a pheromone can initiate a physiological change or changes in the recipient which as a result may acquire a new repetoire of behaviour patterns; the pheromone is then said to exhibit a ‘primer’ effect.

Both effects are apparent among pheromones of eusocial bees. These are bees that live together in colonies consisting of individuals of different castes (e.g. queen, worker), with at least some workers being more or less sterile, belonging to at least two generations and co-operating in the care of the young.

Examples of releaser pheromones of eusocial bees are those concerned with sex attraction, alarm and aggression, trail production, clustering and mutual recognition. The primer pheromones of eusocial bees are concerned with inhibition of reproduction; they have an essential role in the organization and cohesion of the more developed societies.

For eusocial insects, as for non-social insects, the pheromone messages transmitted by males or queens during mating are’ for members of the opposite sex of their own species, but not necessarily for members of their own colony. In fact many of the behaviour patterns associated with mating tend to favour union between progenies of alien colonies.

The targets of other pheromone messages are usually members of the emitting bee’s own colony. There are few exceptions: honeybee alarm pheromones released at the entrance of a hive may deter would-be robber bees from an alien colony and so prevent interspeci?c ?ghting and loss of lives; possible appeasement pheromones released by inadvertent intruder bees may deter attacks by guard bees. In most circumstances if pheromone messages reach honeybees of another colony they are either wasted, or, as when the pheromone marks a food or water supply, can even help competing colonies.

There is little evidence of a pheromone language barrier between honeybee colonies although the mandibular gland secretion of queens of different races may have somewhat different proportions of the same components. The pheromone language conveying the primary message is probably common to all honeybee colonies but it may be overlaid with a colony odour that gives it a distinctive ?avour. This may either make it meaningless or less acceptable to bees of another colony and may even release a hostile reaction.


Now obviously you need to learn everything here because it’s going to add a lot of variety to your sex life but what’s really going to make the difference with this instructional series is learning pheromone tricks that you didn’t think were sexual before but which your girlfriend really responds to and is going to give you an incredible amount of power in your sexual relationship. It’s going to be like you have the secret key to unlock her sexual pleasure which most guys don’t have access to and is going to make her sexually addicted to you.

Attraction Methods

Linear sexual thinking goes like this : first you start kissing your woman, then you start kissing her a bit harder, then when she’s adequately turned on you progress to her breasts, then nipple stimulation. When she’s adequately aroused by your pheromone scent you progress down to her pussy and start eating her out, then when she’s really good to go you start fucking her until she’s had an orgasm and then it’s over. This is linear sexual thinking that 95% of guys are doing and although it’s natural and intuitive for you to do asa male, there are some serious problems with this. First of all, if you’re doing the same linear progression day in and day out, it’s going to get boring & predictable for her. She’s going to know exactly which pheromone cologne you’re going to do next. So you need to learn how to break out of this and transition to counter-intuitive ways to give her sexual pleasure, utilising her entire body and spots on her body that you might not think are very sexual from a linear sexual point of view. This is another big benefit of this course is giving you a lot of pheromone wearing options in the bedroom so you’re not falling into the same boring linear progression that most guys are doing. With these 16 erogenous zones, plenty of pheromone cologne, and you’ll have an endless amount of combinations you’ll be able to put together to make every sexual encounter different & exciting.

Pheromones Require Effort

It’s very important to have a specific goal in mind when going through pheromone training course. Going to require a little effort on your part to do the counter-intuitive sexual things you’ll be taught. So for extra motivation, a good thing to do is vividly sexually fantasise about what it’s going to be like once you learn these 16 different pheromone perfumes and what your sex life is going to be like once you do that.

So find a quite place, sit down and close your eyes. Relax all the muscles in your body, release all the tension, close your eyes & clear your mind. Let all the distraction thoughts run out of your mind. Then visualise yourself going through all the videos in this series and learning them on a deep, emotional core level not just on the surface, intellectual level, so they become part of who you are.


Pheromones are one of the most popular natural aphrodisiacs found in popular colognes and perfumes. It’s really going to shock how you how strongly she’s responds to these pheromones that you didn’t think were sexual before.

If you are stuck in a rut and need an unfaiar advantage towards women then pheromones may be the answer. With pheromones, it is best to use them with caution because if you overdose you will smell repugnant and she will not find you as attractive.

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