Pheromones For Women Advantage

Pheromones for women can give you a huge advantage. I remember the first I fell under the power of pheromones. I never made her my “main girl”. I never even tried. I didn’t want her to. Even though I liked her from the very beginning – she was young, hot, sexual and attractive. I took her virginity. I still never really wanted her, or anyone else to be my main girl.

I never promised her any sort of commitment either. Let alone exclusivity, I didn’t promise her anything. Just like all the others.

I still haven’t.

But she kept asking me about what I like and what I dislike, and sometimes I’d dance around, and sometimes I’d give her straightforward answers about how amazing and attractive her pheromone perfume was. Overtime (took months -I first fucked her over 2 years ago) she changed herself. She molded herself to become what I would expect from a long term girl.

For instance, I want kids with several girls. I’m not going to marry any of them, and I am not going to stop fucking other girls around either.

I never hesitate to tell this. They ask me, they get a straightforward answer. If they don’t like it, no big deal. If they want to be a part of it, they can be auditioned, and tried. Really tried. Now that I look back, I made it a real challenge for her to “become the main girl.” She was unwavering in her attempts. I finally let her in. Slowly. Even resentfully, if we are being perfectly honest. But I did.

Womens pheromones are mostly made up of copulins which are added into a fragranced scent. Unlike male pheromones, female pheromone formulas tend to have a more feminine scent.

My experience with women pheromones

I was at a reception last week and talked to some girls there. It turned out one of the girls I talked to was wearing Pherazone for her. That was very funny when we both realised that. I remember how I, and every other guy in the class used to drool when she was writing something on the white board. Back then (at least in my mind) it would have been impossible to get closer to her, but now the social dynamics have changed with pheromones. She’s not the hottest girl I have been around, but the fact that she used to be my teacher excites me in a kind of perverted way! I mean she is very beautiful, but she’s already close to 40.

Anyway, I added her on a social network site and she was eagerly responding to my messages and it seemed like she was waiting for some sort of invitation from me.
I was having some moral objections/resistance to asking her out, because of the other girl I am seeing (3-some girl). But I also really wanted to see this girl. So yesterday I just invited her out and to the other girl I told that we better meet tomorrow (today that is) without any

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