Pheromone Cologne Reviews 2017 [UPDATED]

Pheromone colognes are popular for men and women to attract the opposite sex. During the first time I tried pheromone cologne I went out on a bunch of dates and dates:

First Pheromone Experience

Monday was the Romanian volleyball player. Summer was bringing its scorching hot weather, and I was loving it. I was over on Neal Street and I saw a tall girl looking at a Google Maps printout while standing next to one of the charity elephant statues that are all over London. I just didn’t feel like it, and there were no girls hot enough to inspire me. So I walked around with my hands in my pockets and then went home beating myself up for bottling it.

On Wednesday I was walking along South Bank by the river when I saw a leggy girl go by dressed like she’d come out of the stables. It wasn’t actual equestrian dress but rather fashionable clothes that looked remarkably like them. I opened with, “Hi. Where did you park your horse?” For the first five minutes she was Very flighty but then settled, and I bounced her across Embankment Bridge then a takeout coffee while we sat on the grass by Trafalgar Square. The rapport was excellent, and she fully opened up to me, but I couldn’t get the sexual tension going—a persistent problem for me in this period. I walked her along St James’ Park to feed the ducks, take her number, and let her go.

I found a German artist on Thursday. I’d already done my sets for the day when I met Fernando as he was just starting, having finished work after me. We were chatting near Covent Garden when I saw a cute little squarehead sitting on some steps drawing a picture of a building. I opened asking what she was drawing and she was super friendly. I teased her for a while then bounced her to a nearby pub. After a pint we went on to a member’s bar. The conversation was great and she was trying hard but she rebuffed all escalation, claiming a boyfriend. I enjoyed the date, but it was going nowhere.

Is there a way to stimulate the body to produce the varieties of pheromones these products contain?

I think it’s the wrong approach to just apply external compounds…better to have the building blocks that the body can use to produce them in the right quantities.

I think it’s right to question if this is necessary, since it kinda implies you are not good enough and need help in order to become attractive. Then again its part of our zeitgeist to use leverage to appear more attractive. if women can use make-up, perfumes, pushups, nail polish and high heels in order to appear more attractive why shouldnt we use “external compounds” too?

If pheromone colognes do work as intended, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with using them to help your game.

The whole PUA community went from purely external game, to purely internal game. In the end it is a mixture of both which will maximize your chances.

Pheromone Tips

Working out, having good clean hygiene, no body odor, no bad breath, clean teeth, smell good, wear stylish clothing, do your hair well, will all help a little bit in your game. So if pheromones add that little extra, that’s brilliant.

But it really does come down to inner game in the end. I’ve never been able to pull without it, even having the best external game. Because in the end you’ll be too chicken when a girl opens up to you to take advantage. You have to be confident in interacting with girls, saying the things you want to say, and taking your chances.

But external factors still helps you become a better presented man.

As for do I believe pheromones work or not. Well the science is there that pheromones exist and effect insects and animals. So it wouldn’t be too hard to believe it could work in men and women on a primal level.

To be honest, getting girls all gaga for me purely on a primal, instinctual basis, by doing nothing but spraying on some hormones is a turn on. It’s kind of like your mind controlling them and they have no idea.

One thing I’ve learnt is biological factors are very powerful when it comes to decision making, emotions, lust. Sometimes logically I know I should be angry, but I’m just in too happy of a mood. Sometimes I want to try and pump myself up, but however much I try, it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes I’m overcome with lust and end up doing what I know I shouldn’t have. There was a study where a manic depressive patient after years of depression, was instantly cured and felt so happy, and she said she couldn’t help it, because scientists were using electrodes to stimulate a part of her brain.

So if pheromones do have a strong enough primal biological effect. Just like making eye contact can on the another persons biology. Then it’s very plausible it’s going to work in your favour.

But I’ll reserve judgement, and probably won’t try it myself as I don’t really need them, or have extra money to spare atm. But I think in the future I may test them out.

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