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Nantucket Wedding Photography 2018

Today I want to share with you a couple tips on how to find the right Nantucket wedding photographer for your wedding.

Wedding Photography Style

OK, so tip number one is to look for the style of photography that you like. Make sure that you go through different portfolios and look at all sorts of different types of photography. There’s traditional photography, photojournalism, there are bright colored pictures with bold colors, and there are softer images. Go through a photographer’s portfolio and look for the ones that you like. Make sure that you can picture yourself in those images and those are the images that you want for your wedding day. If you can find a photographer that has images that represent exactly what you want for your day, then they might be a really good photographer for your wedding. One of my favorite photographers can be found at Pommettphotography.com

Meet With Your Photographer

So the second thing, once you’ve narrowed down those photographers, you can go through and ask for a meeting with them. This is really important because you’re looking for personality. You want a photographer whose personality meshes well with both you and your fiance. The reason this is important is that your photographer is going to be by your side, your entire wedding day from four to 12 hours, however long you want them there, they are going to be there by your side. So you want to make sure that you find somebody who you like and who you get along with. So make sure you meet with them in person if possible. And that way you can get to know them a little bit. Find out what hobbies they like to do, you know, just find out information about them and see if you like them.

Choosing Your Photography Package

And the third one obviously is the package. You do need to find somebody who offers a package that fits what you want for your wedding and fits your budget. So the thing here, um, everybody offers something different. It’s really up to the photographer of what they want to offer. There is no standard and that does make it really difficult for brides to determine who’s going to be the best photographer for them.

But if you find photographers who have a great style that you like, have a good personality, and who offer a package that would fit your budget and includes everything that you want, then they might be a really good fit for you. So obviously there are questions that you probably have.

This may include:

  • How do I determine the style of photography that I like?
  • How do I know what goes in a package or what I even want in a package?
  • How do we really know what I want?


If you want more information about how to figure out who the right photographer is for you then please visit Terry Pommett Photography.


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