Nantucket Wedding Photography 2017

Wedding photography on Nantucket is incredibly rewarding. The island is lush with culture and money and I have make a great living here says Nantucket Photography expert, Terry Pommett of I think any time one upgrades from a point & shoot to an SLR, that new camera will seem wonderful and amazing, because you’re necessarily comparing it to your old cam. If you are still learning about wedding photography then check out  Learning how to take good wedding photos both technically and subjectively is very hard to do.

The best way is always to find someone that is willing to put in the time and effort to tell you what you’re doing wrong and praise you when you get it right and give you photography tips and ideas that will improve you.

Ultimately, for a discussion of the merits of one camera versus another for wedding photography, where we are perhaps trying to figure out which one we should purchase, the most important factors to consider are completely separate from the camera, per se:

Cameras for Nantucket Wedding Photography

I know how disappointing it can be when you get a closer look at your wedding pictures and they just fall flat.  Especially if its some “technical” aspect that you were unable to succeed at.  When i first decided to get serious about learning wedding photography in Nantucket as it sounds you have now reached, Ifound that i wasn’t able to explore creatively until i understood what the basic settings did on my camera.

1)  What are you intending to *do* with this new camera? Are you shooting weddings?  Is it purely for personal pleasure, to make a few extra dollars with your hobby, or to try to make a living?  Where and how will you (need to) use this camera?  Everywhere you go, do you like having a large device in your hands, or hanging from your neck, and/or stuffed into the main compartment of a not-so-small pack?  And even if that annoys you a bit, are you nonetheless willing to deal with it for the sake of your art? (Without griping about it to your friends and family!)

2)  Do you realize that this may be rather Addictive, and concomitantly, Expensive?  (Economically, it might be cheaper to just acquire a moderate cocaine habit!)  Once you’ve fully considered this, then the ultimate question largely overrides the previous considerations: How much money can you afford to spend on all of this?  Because, truly, it’s not at all difficult to find an excellent camera that will produce higher-quality images and will simultaneously inspire you to find and capture better images than you ever did before!  It’s just *really* expensive.   And, of course, then you’ll need a new lens.  And another.  And another.  And another flash or two.  And some filters.  And a tripod.  No, a better tripod than that.  And another lens (a really special one).  And a newer, faster computer.  And several more hard drives.  And a NAS server with fully-redundant backup for your very large, very important archive of irreplaceable photos.

Now, let’s talk about the camera, itself.  Any consideration should be made in relation to other cameras with similar qualities and/or similar price tags. There are many other factors (of varying degrees of importance) that one may consider, but the two below will make a significant difference time and time again:

* What is the image quality (IQ) like in low-light / high-ISO settings?  Find hi-red examples online and look carefully at 100% view.  Of course there will be noise, but how much?  At 1600, 3200, 6400, beyond… between one camera and another, in the same environment, using (nearly) the same lens and settings.

How fast/accurate is the auto-focus?  In full daylight?  In a brightly-lit room?  In low light?  It doesn’t matter how many frames-per-second it can take if it doesn’t quickly find and track your moving subject.  Otherwise, 10fps may just be 10 nearly-identical blurry images filling up your memory card!

I have a Canon 5D which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t mastered yet, when I screw around with it long enough, I can get an absolutely beautiful shot, but it takes some doing.  The t4i is so much easier for me with the flipout screen when I need to film something solo.

Wedding Photography Tips In Nantucket

You have to go out and shoot shots that don’t matter so much first.  if you go on vacation and put so much pressure on yourself to shoot amazing shots when you are still learning, there is just no way you will succeed.  Instead, try taking pics of your kids/grandkids/neices/nephews playing at the park or walking to school. Or go to your local flower nursery and shoot some pics of their flowers for practice to become a great wedding photographer.

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