My Six-Week Body Makeover RESULTS

I knew the problem after I started the Six Week Body Makeover was either the sugar or something about my body/lifestyle that was under-burning calories. That’s why I didn’t just want to hear ‘cut the sugar’, without some explanation. For me, knowing details motivates me. I have done tons of research now and have gone way further than I had originally planned to.

After research, my current plan is:

– I bought one of those armband devices and found that I burn around 3300 kcal on a non workout day and 3900 on a workout day. This has allowed me to rule out the idea that my I am burning less calories than I expect. If anything, I burn more than expected. If this thing is accurate, of course.

– I decided I wanted to set up a base target of 3 lbs/week loss by cutting 1500 kcal each day. Yes, I know people suggest 2 lb/week but given the stubbornness that my body has had, I am hoping that if I aim for 3, I will at least get 2 lol.

– I am low carbing (shooting for <15% carbs and 0.8-1 g protein/lbs)

– To combat starvation mode, I will have 2 cheat meals per week after the first couple weeks and, after 10 weeks or so, I will take a day or two off.

– I started an EC stack yesterday to correct any drop in SNS output with secondary benefits of appetite suppression/energy.

– After research, I vastly upped my dose of fish oil to 3g/day (about 10 regular caps). Which is like 125 calories. I hate taking in non food calories (which is funny because I like sugar) and I am least convinced about this one so it may get dropped before I reach my target weight.

– After some initial volume workouts to deplete muscle glycogen, I will switch to a less weight lifting (but maintaining heavier weights/overload).

– Continue tracking everything, as I have been, with an OCD like fervor

Dropping carbs on the Six Week Body Makeover

Sadly, I am a terrible scientist because my desire to get started led me to choose multiple changes where if I had *just* dropped the carbs, it would have been a more interesting experiment. It’s still good information to know what change helped so when I get to my target weight, I will drop things one at a time and see what happens. After a week now, it’s about a 3.23 lbs lost. Still, could be water weight, which would suck, but we will find out by asking Michael Thurmond. Learn more about the Six Week Body Makeover at

Six Week Body Makeover Tips and Advice

I’ve started taking some fish oil and liquid vitamin d-3 and I’m telling my father to do the same. I also remember what you told me about magnesium and zinc, and just last night I was logging my food (I do it once or twice a week) and I was checking my minerals, and there it was, all minerals up to order, except magnesium and zinc… like you said on a couple of occasions, people are usually lacking them. Potassium was also a bit short. I eat my good share of vegetables at every meal, so I got reminded of what you said when I was still short on mag and zinc even after my daily dose of veggies. Overall, the Six Week Body Makeover works quite well at taregtting stubborn fat and helping you to lose weight.

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