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Does Bathmate Actually Work?

Do Bathmate penis pumps really work? I wish I could give a simple “Yes” or “No” answer, but I’m afraid it’s not as straightforward as that. If you are hoping to miraculously add a few inches to the length of your penis, then I personally think you should rather be searching for a reputable cosmetic surgeon. These can make your penis an inch or two longer in virtually no time at all, but you are going to pay the price, and I am not referring to money by the way.

Following penis enlargement surgery, you penis will still (or at least it should) get fully hard when you get an erection, but it certainly it certainly won’t be staring up at you. Instead, your erect penis will be swinging freely between your legs. If you believe that’s a fair tradeoff, then be my guest, and go ahead, but don’t forget that you’ll also be parting with around $15,000 or more.

Bathmate Penis Pumps

While not all penis pumps are created equal, they do work on the same principle, in that they are all designed to create suction, which in turn should cause more blood to flow into the user’s penis. This increase in blood flow then causes the penis to reach maximum length, and in theory, if this is repeated frequently enough, length gains should become permanent. Hydromax penis pumps by Bathmate work on exactly the same principle, but rather than relying on the air for suction, they rely on water.

This method clearly provides not only more suction but also more constant suction. Additionally, because they are designed to be used in the bath or in the shower, they are more often than not used with warm water, and as many men will already know, warm water helps to relax your penile tissues, as well as the skin that covers the penis. Naturally, this encourages an even more noticeable increase in length.

How to Use a Bathmate Pump?

Using one of these HydroMax pumps really couldn’t be any easier than it is. Simply fill the penis cylinder with water, and then you slide your penis into it until the base of the pump comes to rest against your pubic bone. You then pump it again your pubic bone in order to create suction. Each time you pump it, a certain amount of water is expelled through the valve on the front end, and suction increases accordingly. Once adequate suction has been achieved, just lie back and relax, while you Bathmate does all the work.

Now for the Bad News

I don’t want to make promises which cannot be supported by real scientific evidence, so, I am not going to tell you that you can lengthen your penis permanently with one of these devices. However, I can almost guarantee that you will see temporary y gains in penis length if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

While these gains might not be permanent, they really can work wonders as far as your ego is concerned, particularly if you use your pump just prior to having sex with your partner. Not only will your penis be longer and fuller than usual, but you should also have the sort of erection which would make many men envious.


  • User-Friendly – Bathmate penis pumps are super easy to use; they are incredibly comfortable, and because you can use them in the bath, they are also very convenient.
  • Quality – These pumps are nowhere near to being the cheapest you can find, but you seriously do get exceptional value for your money as far as quality is concerned.
  • Immediate Results – You can witness an increase in penis length within a matter of minutes, and you can enjoy much-improved erections.


  • No Scientific Evidence – Unfortunately, there is very little, if any, real scientific evidence to back claims that penis pumps can lengthen your penis permanently.

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