Do Pheromones Actually Work in Humans?

Do Pheromones really work? I’ve seen studies that show that they work and studies that show they work but for some it may be hard to know what to really think due to deceptive marketing and advertising practices.

I suppose if they did mass scale experiments and analyzed the effects on the brain regularly… Who knows. you’d need to have proper things done with placebos, with different types of men/women, with different body shapes, social habits etc. etc. etc…

Scents definitely do have effects, but I guess the question for some is whether pheromones have the effects they say they do.

Scents play a huge role in comfort building (not so sure about the attraction phase). I have a very specific first date routine that includes a stop at a small boutique store that sells hand made pheromone-infused soaps called get-a-guru. They also sell incense and scented candles. The soaps alone come in many scented varieties which always include natural scents such as real lavender or rose petals cold-pressed into the soap. I usually let my date pick out a soap or two for later.

The shop is a huge comfort building place and usually after that we head back to either the beach to watch sunset or my place.

The pheromone soap also comes in handy for either a shower after sex or a shower after swimming the Gulf (of Mexico) or my pool.

I will probably post my step-by-step routine in the other forum later this week, but suffice it to say that I have a better than 80% close rate when involving the soap store.

You may want to combine your Pheromone experiment with a ‘stuffing’ experiment. I did it and it had a significant impact in my close rate.

Clearly pheromones do exist and are used for specific mating purposes in the animal kingdom.

Well pure pheromones are odorless (and if they do have an effect the “smell” is unconscious,) just to clarify for everyone else saying that they are a nice smell isn’t accurate. And I have heard the rumors that casinos pump all types of crazy things in the air to make people gamble. Pumping pure oxygen is another proper theory.

Science points to studies that show that women tend to sync with each other in their menstrual cycle as evidence that human pheromones. Animals mainly use an organ called the Vomeronasal to process pheromonal cues. In humans this organ is very underdeveloped but still exists.

Personally I think this is an interesting topic. I believe that pheromones probably do play somewhat of a role in mating but it is probably minor and is being evolutionarily weeded out, much like the human sense of smell has been dulled.

I think it also partly works because people start behaving like they’re attractive when they’re wearing it. Of course you can’t rule out the real strength of pheromones but there are just too many factors in the game to measure something accurately.

Personal Experience

I believe pheromones DO work. I bought them like 2 years ago . I tried them out one day at school and I noticed girls being really flirty with me.

The hottest girl in the whole school sat behind me in health class and me and her talk cause were real tight. But that one day I wore the pheromones changed the way she interacted with me. So were talking and she grabbed my hand a drew hearts on it! She never did this before after that day everything was back to normal again.

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