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Do Pheromones Actually Work In Humans?

Why is everyone so excited about pheromones? Is there scientific proof that they work? Or is this just another futuristic way for manufacturers to make more money? Well, let’s dig a little further and find out.

Does Pheromone Cologne Work?

Exactly what are pheromones and how do they work? Believe it or not, they really exist. They aren’t a made-up concept used to sell expensive cologne. Actually, they are called ectohormones. Regular hormones just impact your personal mood. However, pheromones (ectohormones) impact the behavior of the people around you.

Androstadienone is one of the most well-known pheromones, and it is emitted by males. When women detect this ectohormone, they feel better and their cortisol levels increase. As a result, they become more willing to tackle the world head on instead of complaining about it.

When androstadienone is combined with an appealing scent and put into a high-quality cologne, it makes women more interested in you. Testing shows that when used in a speed dating environment, women are 100 percent attracted to men who wear pheromone cologne. This is compared to just 60 percent for men who didn’t wear pheromone cologne.

Human Pheromones are a Wonderful Discovery

Dr. Winnifred Cutler is discovered by human pheromones via scientific research. He and his team also studied whether or not human pheromones actually work for humans. They finally concluded that pheromones are chemicals that impact behavior outside of the body. These chemicals can impact how others around you behave.

There are different types of pheromones such as sex, alarm and even food trail pheromones. Each one is responsible for getting a certain type of response. The body secretes pheromones via bodily fluids such as sweat and urine. The most number of pheromones are secreted via the armpits. These chemicals are released into the air and detected by people within the nearby area. Thus, this explains why their numbers decrease when antiperspirants and deodorants are used.

Is the Proof in the Pheromones?

Everyone wants to know whether or not pheromones really work. As a result, “20/20” wanted to test the theory. Two sets of 20-something twins were placed into a speed dating environment. Bridget and Sarah were the females, and Dave and Paul were the males. Although each twin was given a scent, only one twin in each set had a pheromone scent. However, no one knew which twin had the pheromone scent.

Via an interview on twinsworld.com, Bridget and Sarah said they would believe pheromones worked only if one of them was approached more than then other. Each of the male and female twins was introduced to 10 new dates. Each speed-dating session lasted only 5 minutes.

After the event, each of the new dates had to fill out forms stating whom they would like to date. Nine men requested Sarah, and 5 men requested Bridget. Ten women requested Dave and 6 women requested Paul. Which of the twins were wearing the phero scents? It was Sarah and Dave, of course.

Can the Same Thing Happen for 40-Somethings?

When you think about it, why would 20-somethings need anything to boost their sexuality? As a result, “20/20” wondered if pheromones could help older people as well.

Older women in their 40’s don excrete the same number of pheromones as women in their 20’s. If they wear pheromone cologne, this may give them an added boost of sexuality when needed. Thus, “20/20” asked two single women in their 40’s, Kathleen and Lisa Ann, to wear pheromone cologne for 90 days and keep a journal. What happened? Lisa Ann says she got plenty of “bites,” but nothing led to a serious relationship.

Kathleen said that never had problems meeting men, but she craved to be in a committed relationship. She says when it comes to family events, she’s always the single one with no kids. She would love to change this before the Christmas holidays arrive. Kathleen also says she gets more attention when she’s out and about, but Lisa Ann wasn’t impressed with her pheromone results. As a matter of fact, she really hasn’t seen any changes.

30 Day Results

After a month of usage, the two women compared results. Kathleen had three to four dates a week. However, Lisa Ann still hadn’t experienced anything spectacular in her dating world. We’re going to talk to both women in about another month.

Now, let’s talk about another occurrence, and this has more to do with sales than sex. The name of the product is Pheradore, and it was created by a dermatologist named Dr. Peter Pugliese. He’s an associate of Dr. Cutler. Pugliese believes that pheromones give men and women more confidence, and it’s the confidence that sells more products for retailers.

We talked to three saleswomen to test his theory. Liya and Monica work in sales at Andrew’s Ties, and Marina works in sales at Hammacher Schlemmer. Each of them wore Pherazone for one week to see if they made more sales than usual. What happened during that week? Liya and Monica felt more confident during this week, but this didn’t increase sales. The same happened for Monica.

Although pheromones weren’t proven in this case to increase sales, they may still increase sexual appeal for others.

Now, back to Kathleen and Lisa Ann. Unfortunately, Kathleen will have to attend another Christmas family event without a date. However, she hasn’t given up on pheromones yet. Surprisingly, Lisa Ann became a believer in pheromones. She had a nice man keeping her warm during December, and she wants new pheromones for Christmas.

Pheromone Cologne Works?

If they work, can you combine them with regular colognes? Yes, you can because they mix well with most colognes. Most importantly, you don’t have to stop wearing your favorite scent just to use pheromones. Many of them are standalone colognes that are subtle enough to wear with your signature scents. Use them as a base to give your regular cologne an added punch of sexuality.

Not only does it get attention, it also changes behavior. Many of them smell great, which means others will cozy up to you because you smell great. Some salespeople say they get more sales when wearing pheromone cologne. It puts more money in their pocket, and it gets them laid too.

According to one Amazon reviewer, he gives pheromone cologne 5 stars because he gets positive reactions from women he comes into contact with. Another Amazon reviewer loves the formula because it has a nice masculine scent that doesn’t overpower the senses. He says he wore it to a business meeting and all the women present flocked around him.

Men aren’t the Amazon reviewers that speak highly of pheromone colognes. Women like them too. One woman reviewed a pheromone product on behalf of her fiancé. He likes the cologne, but she likes it more than he does. She says that it makes her feel all nice and sexual when he wears it. She highly recommends pheromone cologne.

Does Pheromone Cologne Really Work?

Well, maybe you should just buy it and see for yourself. Use it as a tool to close a sale or find the perfect date. It is just a starting point. Many find that pheromones give them a needed boost of confidence to get extra sales or meet new people. Wear it and take the first step, and then another one. Now that you have that added boost, use it to your advantage.


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