Do Magna RX Pills Work?

Do Magna RX Pills work? So now we know that the men in the South of France are endowed—or at least they were three centuries ago. The following graph shows the latest research into the distribution of penis sizes among both black and white college-age males. Learn more about Magna RX | The graph clarifies several points. First, there is little difference between the size of erect penises of blacks and whites, as men- tloned in the previous chapter. Blacks do have a slight edge, but not enough to make more than 1/3″ (1 cm) difference in the erect state. Secondly, the graph is highly skewed toward the 6” mark

We can infer the following:

A small penis measures less than S” (13 cm) when erect .

An average-sized penis measures 5” – 7″ (13-18 cm)wheJ1 erect

A large penis measures greater than 7″ (18 cm) when erect

The table on page 67, taken from Sexual Dimensions, The Fact and Fiction of Genital Size, graphically illustrates the distribution of penis sizes among adult males. Note that the distribution of . men from 4” – 9″ (10-23 cm) follows a typical bell-shaped curve, meaning that the further one goes from6” (15 cm)—either up or down—the fewer men there are. In other words, extremely large and small penises are very rare. We know that the average erect length is 6″ (15 cm), primary preiccupation of the male, women generally consider thickness to be be greater asset. In the erect state, the penis ranges from 7/8” When males of the aboriginal Walibri tribe of central Australia greet each other, they grab penises instead of shaking hands.

Before enlarging my penis I measured but certainly was not satisfied with being average. If you happen to be one of the lucky individuals who falls in the upper 10% of this table. you may be satisfied with the present size of your penis. However, some men, no matter how large, are still interested in gaining even more length and girth. Magna RX pills have gotten some heat lately for exaggerated claims.

Back in the 1970’s, the department store giant, Sears Roebuck published its renowned annual catalog. What slipped past the editor’s eyes in one particular issue created a brouhaha that the catalog quickly became a collector’s item.

The underwear section, known for featuring demure and modestly-arranged models, became the object of nation wide attention when it was discovered that his penis actually hung below the bottom hem of the boxer shorts he was modeling. News spread quicker than wildfire, and salacious spinsters, giggling housewives, and curious males snapped up all available copies before the error, was discovered by corporate management, who undoubtedly sneaked a few copies for themselves before the rest of the lot was destroyed. The catalog was immediately reshot and replaced by a sanitized, mid-year edition.

The range of sizes and penile development married attorney in sports one of the most impressive penises in the count an incredible 9 1/2” (24 cm) whopper which draws stares of incredulity at his athletic club, yet he is still performing daily penis exercises in an effort to acquire even these astounding men in my private collection) and still engages in daily vacuum pumping sessions to develop his penis to even greater dimensions—a1l with the encouragement of his wife.


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