Chikara Pheromones = More Sexual Tension

Chikara is a powerful pheromone cologne sold by It creates sexual attraction towards the opposite sex subconsciously.

Recently, I used Chikara pheromones on my ex-girlfriend to see if I could create some sexual attraction. A modified version of my ex-girlfriend came and sat next to me on the couch. She told me that she saw that I was in love with an imaginary woman. She was heartbroken by it, despite that we broke up. “You’re moving too quick!” she cried. I felt her pain. It sucks when I see her like this and I tell her that I didn’t mean it to hurt her, I’ll make everything alright again, everything is going to be fine. “How!?” She yells. I grab her and hug her “it will” I tell her.

I feel like I’m in a relationship with her again thanks to the pheromones. How does this affect my cravings? I see the imaginary woman in front om me again. My ex sees her too, but she’s now in a bit of a suspended state and just looks calmly at her (note: this is the ‘modified’ part).

I don’t feel any cravings or whatsoever. Even if I wanted to, the feeling that my ex sees me like that blocks me. Man, isn’t this weird? It’s definitely interesting.

Memories shoot up from me being in a feminism class. I remember that there were some really attractive women in there. And there were exactly 2 times that I got nervous due to their beauty. One of those two instances was pretty intense. I was slightly shaking, because she was sitting really close to me in a bar (with all my other female classmates). Note though, that I had no ‘crush’ cravings in both cases.


How would I feel now if I were there? I guess I’d go crazy from having cravings all over the place without pheromones.

So these ‘crush’ cravings are defintely dependend on the context. For one, I must be single, which explains why I didn’t have them for the past 4.5 years. That’s why I was so surprised when I encountered them the first time two or three weeks ago.

Some of the pheromones found in Chikara include androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone. Chikara is considered to be an aggressive sex pheromone thanks to its high dosage of androstnone.

Interestingly enough, I also had these cravings when I was very young, like 13 and 14. I noticed that these cravings were stronger then because I never experienced them before, but eventually they diminished. They diminished quite rapidly because I thought I couldn’t get any women. From age 15 to 20 I don’t remember having had any crushes or cravings.

So these crushes correlate with the perception that I have of being able to get these women. Whenever I believe there’s a possibility of getting them I basically get this feeling. So in a sense, these cravings are a ‘good thing’ because it shows I have the confidence of achieving my goal. When my confidence is really low, I never have cravings.

This was especially apparent when I had a very rough patch with my ex and I flew with a good friend to Finland for a study trip. I didn’t cheat, but I did practice a lot on approaching women, because I knew that if we’d break up, my skills would be rusty. At the last day — we were already on the airport — I decided to relearn the direct approach. So I run to this woman that was a 9 in looks and I tell her that she’s really cute. The typical reaction happened: her eyes lit up, a beaming smile came and she said thank you. After that I felt quite some tension too, but I had a GF so Facebook it was and after chatting for a month with her I decided I was done with it.

After that approach something interesting happened. My confidence skyrocketted and I wanted to do at least one more approach. Here’s what happened with me internally: every beautiful woman I saw gave me amazing feelings of lust and desire. Nowadays, I call these feelings ‘crushes’.

So what have I learned here about Chikara pheromone cologne?

1. crushes are contextually dependent
2. confidence is actually one of them! Who knew! Like seriously, if I didn’t do this visualization with me and my ex sitting on the couch I’d ventured to have guessed it was the opposite. I mean, that imaginary woman had me by the balls.

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