Handling A Girl’s Emotions

July 19, 2015

The thing is you cannot improve or effort yourself into being loved. Yes, this is sold to men, and women, by many industries that make money off this belief. You’ll be loved for who you are by a very finite number of people, no mater how perfect you get externally. Yes, you’ll be admired by many, you’ll be desired by many, many will want to possess you, many will want…


Real Men Are Pussy Whipped

June 15, 2015

hate the whole thing how they try to control men and make them pussies by using the ‘real man’ statement. Though the description makes sense, of course you want to give the woman what she wants or what she enjoys, but that has nothing to do with being pussy whipped or anything. In this talk he explains the value of compromise and how underlying frame of relationships is that you…


Why Women Get Bored With You

June 8, 2015

The follwing is a link to the newest article on blackdragon’s blog, which I think is so good that it merits a topic in this section: http://www.blackdragonblog.com/2015/05/25/confessions-of-a-serial-monogamist/ At the start he links to his earlier article which I suggest you read first, and then read this one as it is a sort of continuation of the first one, as well as read the comments (of the new one). It’s fucking…