The Popularity of Vacuum Penis Pumps

Vacuum pumping is experiencing a phenomenal surge of popularity as an adjunct to safe sex on both side of the Atlantic. The fundamental principle is very simple. By creating a negative pressure around the penis (via the use of a vacuum), blood is forced into the organ which then becomes distended and turgid. Medically, this process is known as hyperemiation.

When you get an erection, blood rushes into the two major tissues of the penis – the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum. These two sets of tissues fill up with blood much as a bicycle tire inflates with air and becomes rigid.

When using a vacuum pump, the blood in the penis becomes trapped, thereby fully engorging the tissues. The fundamental principle of enlargement through the hypermiation is predicated upon the ability to maintain the penis in an engorged state for relatively long period of time-usually 30 minutes to an hour. Through repetitive hyperemiation, the phallic muscles and tissues are actually given a “workout”. Inches magazine ran a feature article on vacuum pumping in their April 1989 edition. This is their version of how the process works:

  1. The muscle is actually “torn down” in the process and rebuilds during the next day or so. Reworking the muscle in the same manner via the vacuum pump, repeatedly, is the same principle used in bodybuilding, stressing out the individual muscles and letting them rebuild into stronger, larger muscles. The major difference between what happens in your cock and what happens in your biceps have a tremendous advantage; they are routinely worked all the time. The cock isn’t. The biceps are accustomed to and designed for hard labor. The cock has to be trained as if it were an atrophied bicep.
  2. The aforementioned process accounts for the thickness of the cock after a vacuum pump session. Added length comes from a different set of circumstances. Inside your body there is a ligament that attaches to the corpus cavernosa-the ligament acts as a suspension cable for the shaft of the cock. The two muscles actually begin further inside the body-about four to five inches in the average person. The vacuum method loosens that ligament over time, causing an inch or two of the internal muscles to extend.

Ligaments are very study, but not indestructible. Hence, there are limits to the stress that should be put on them. To snap the ligaments attached to the corpus cavernosum would NOT allow ALL of the rest of the muscle to extend. Remember, the ligaments are a suspension device, the muscle is otherwise help in place. Ultimately, cock-building is like bodybuilding, it requires dedication, correct exercise, and time to achieve results.

Diligence and persistence are the watchwords here. While virtually all men would jump at the chance to add another inch to their penis, few are willing to invest the amount of time necessary to produce results. Champion bodybuilders dedicate years of training to produce award-winning physiques, yet when it comes to penis training, most men become highly impatient, and discontinue their efforts when they don’t gain an inch in six weeks. This is followed, for successful penis developers agree that a minimum of six months (and possible much longer) is necessary to experience noticeable increases.

There are dozens of models of vacuum pumps on the market, but basically they can be divided into two categories-manual systems and electric systems. The manually-operated models are usually less expensive, but not always less effective. The variations are many, but the basic construction is the same. A hollow plastic or acrylic cylinder is connected to a hand pump which forces air out of the cylinder with the tug of the handle. On some of the cheaper models, the hand pump needs to be tugged constantly to maintain a satisfactory vacuum. On the better-constructed models, a tug or two on the pump is all that is required to maintain a state of full vacuum for several minutes.

With the electric models, the vacuum is generated by an industrial-strength electric pump which provides a consistent and steady suction. The user simply places a little lubricant around the bases of the shaft to create a good seal, turns on the machine, and insets the penis. A small valve enables on the user to adjust the strength of the vacuum.

It is claimed that regular and repeated use of the pumps will results in gradual and permanent enlargement. This is not the case in every individual, though. The amount of enlargement depends on several factors-the anatomy of the pumper, the regularity of use, and the length of time that the individual has pumped. The amount of time required in the penis cylinder to achieve good results varies from man to man. I have seen one man completely fill a 3” diameter chamber wall-to-wall in less than 30 minutes. When removed from the tube, the penis is unbelievable thick and fleshy. Most of the enlargement, however, is temporary and due primarily to lymphedema – a harmless, accumulation of lymphatic fluid and lasts for perhaps a few hours, before reverting to normal size. However, one physician asserts that he experienced permanent enlargement through true vascular dilation rather than the more transitory lymphatic engorgement.

Is permanent enlargement really possible through hyperemiation? On some men, yes. Several men assert that they have gained an inch or two in length and girth. The most common question I’m asked is how long it will take to gain an inch. Inches magazine posed the same question to its readers and published the responses in the article, “Getting Bigger-The Inches Guide to Penis Enlargement.” Most of the respondents mentioned that they have been using their pumps for one to two years and all recorded an increases ranging from one to two inches in length. Here is a sample of the responses they received:

Before I started to pump, my cock was 8” in length and 6 in circumference. I pump about three of four times a week. I have been pumping for a year. Now, after pumping my cock for fifteen minutes or so, the size enlarges to 9” in length and 7” in circumference. Eight hours later, and soft, my cock is still 5” long.

Another reader reports:

I bought my vacuum pump two years ago and pump every other day for thirty minutes. I had an ice looking 6” when I started. I have 8” in length and 7” in circumference. My cock is as hard as it ever was, but it feels meatier in my hand.

Any yet another reader adds:

After one year of regular pumping, I have gained almost an inch in length. What has happened faster was how thick my cock has become. I didn’t measure it before, but it seems more than an inch thicker around.

Another gentleman emphasizes the increase in thickness:

I started using (a brand name) two years ago. The main reason for me when I purchased was to increase the size of my cock. Not only does it increase length but it dramatically increases thickness.

So what’s the final verdict? You can count on anywhere from six months to two years to gain an inch. The time variance is depend upon the amount of time dedicated to pumping, the type of equipment used, and the individual anatomy of the pumper. Some men show dramatic growth almost immediately. Others spend month and months, yet show little progress. The good news, however, is that virtually all men show some amount of enlargement given enough time.

Although the individuals quoted above claim appreciable increases in size, the real proof comes in the form of before and after photographs and measurements. Scientific proof notwithstanding, I know dozens of men who pump religiously, and they swear by its effectiveness. Their penises are very large and impressive. For complete details on vacuum pumping, read The Vacuum Pumper’s Handbook or view Gary Griffin’s Guide to Better Pumping.

In a study of sex aids, Dr. T.K. Perters commented on the hyperemiation method. It is felt that this progressive exercise will strengthen and enlarge any muscle. A word of caution, care needs to be exercises when a novice starts pumping. Overzealous use can cause “petechiae,” which occur on the glans and shaft. They are sized hemorrhages that occur on the glans and shaft. They are painless ruptures in the capillaries of the penis which are exacerbated by continuous vacuum. They tend to disappear within a few days. However, extended use of the vacuum will create even more pretechiae and over the course of several weeks, the entire shaft will darken. Once the penis takes on the darker pigment, it will take months without pumping to return to its normal hue. Moderate and judicious usage will obviate this hyperpigmentation.

Vacuum pumps have found a therapeutic niche in the medical field. Physicians routinely prescribe specialty pumps for their male patients who suffer from impotence. After the man inflates his penis with the vacuum chamber, the cylinder is removed and a constructive ring is placed around the base of the penis to prohibit to from escaping. This results in a partial erection-one that is sufficiently firm for engaging in intercourse. For complete details on the latest devices for training impotence read Penis Power-A Complete Guide to Potency Restoration.

A physician writes of the virtues of hyperemiation:

At my age (late 50s) it is incredible that I am beginning to have a cock like I always dreamed of! I used to be6” in length and a scant 1 1/1” in diameter. Today my prick is 6 ¾” in length and for at least 24 hours after an hour-long pumping sessions, I can maintain an almost 2” diameter erection.

Another physician, based in Lindsborg, Kansas, writes:

I really think you have given the world a very valuable machine and I am certain that if more men knew the absolutely wonderful sensations available with the use of your machine, you would be swamped with orders. I know that as a doctor, I recommend it unconditionally to any man who wants to discover thrills he had never imagined and also wanted to enlarge his cock.

A reader recently wrote to me, reaffirming that patience and many months od diligence are necessary to achieve satisfactory results:

I am sure that I’ve added at least ½” permanently and 1’4” in circumference. Tell your readers it just takes time. I almost despaired at 6-7 months. I’m glad I kept at it.

Conclusion: The hyperemiation method really works but it takes great dedication and time. The workouts should consist of 30-60 minute sessions (using only a moderate vacuum), conducted several times a week.

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