Does Bathmate Actually Work?

Do Bathmate penis pumps really work? I wish I could give a simple “Yes” or “No” answer, but I’m afraid it’s not as straightforward as that. If you are hoping to miraculously add a few inches to the length of your penis, then I personally think you should rather be searching for a reputable cosmetic surgeon. These can make your penis an inch or two longer in virtually no time at all,…


X4 Labs Extender Results

Well, as the title of this post suggests, I am going to be writing primarily about X4 Labs penis extenders. Now, I know you have probably had more than your fair share of junk mail regarding the subject of penis enlargement; semen volume; erectile dysfunction, and products that can enable you to make love like no other man on the planet, but I assume that you must have some interest in penis…


Why Use A Penis Extender?

If you are just about to read this article, then I can only assume that you are, at least to a certain extent, curious about penis enlargement options, or maybe you are just curious as to whether it is even possible to increase penis size without any surgical intervention. Either way, I honestly do hope that you will continue reading, and of course, I also hope you will gain something…


Do Magna RX Pills Work?

Do Magna RX Pills work? So now we know that the men in the South of France are endowed—or at least they were three centuries ago. The following graph shows the latest research into the distribution of penis sizes among both black and white college-age males. Learn more about Magna RX | The graph clarifies several points. First, there is little difference between the size of erect penises of blacks and whites,…